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Domiciliary Care

Whether you need a Nurse or Domiciliary Care Worker to care for yourself or a family member at home, we are specialists in providing suitable staff to fit your support needs and your budget.

Our healthcare recruitment staff are specialists in ascertaining your needs and in helping you select the right person to look after you or your family member as well as fit into your home environment.

Getting to know you and your family
As a first step, we take the time to listen to what you and your family both want and need, to make the person we’ll be supporting comfortable. This may be your first experience of needing outside help, so you can trust us to take into account a wide variety of factors when we consider who would be the best Carer for you.

Choosing the right Carer for you
As the Nurse or Domiciliary Care Worker we select, will be with you or your family member for a substantial amount of time, we take considerable care to choose a person that has the necessary skills, and also some similar interests. We also try to match your personalities together too.

Our Nursing team are highly experienced and professionally qualified recruitment and nursing professionals who have undertaken a professional oath of confidentiality, so you can feel rest assured that the information you tell us will remain secure and confidential.

Assessments, Referencing and Background checks

Naturally we make a number of checks into the background of the Nurse or Domiciliary Care Worker that we choose to look after you or your family member:

  • A minimum of two reference checks are carried out.
  • Security and background checks are carried out.
  • All Mandatory Training certificates are checked and verified.
  • 'Right to Work’ checks are carried out.
Adding our “Indispensability Factor”
It is important to us that you are happy with the Nurse or Care Worker we have selected for you, therefore we ask for regular feedback from you and your family about how you and our Staff Member are getting on together, that you feel safe, secure and confident that you or your family member is receiving the best possible care.