Recruitment News - Unfair dismissal and tribunal changes from April 2012
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News - Unfair dismissal and tribunal changes from April 2012

April 2012

There are some big changes to employment law which are designed to make the HR management less risky for all employers. This is expected to have an impact on small employers who surveys have shown to be nervous about employing staff with the huge amount of red tape and rules.
From 6 April, the qualifying period for unfair dismissal will increase from one to two years. Any new employees starting on or after this date will have to work for 24 months before they have the right to claim unfair dismissal.
This change is NOT retrospective, so it cannot be applied to employees who started employment before 6 April 2012. It will also not affect employees' entitlement to basic employment rights, many of which apply from day one of employment.
Another change is that Employment tribunals will be given the power to levy a fee of £250 for bringing a case to tribunal and a further £1,000 if a claim is accepted and given a hearing date. This is expected to reduce the number of vexatious claims being brought against employers.