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Strategic Staffing Assessment

How prepared is your organisation for future challenges?

There are many factors that will affect your people resource requirements, so based on our skills and experience, we have developed a Strategic Staffing Assessment.

The  Strategic Staffing Assessment will highlight where your strengths and potential opportunities lie in your staffing strategy, as well as help you to understand how strong your organisation is in key areas such as:
  • Defining your organisation's current and future skills requirements
  • How you identify the core strengths of your Team
  • Your process to identifying any talent potential you have within your current Team
  • The strategic development of your people
  • Your HR policies, procedures and structures
The Strategic Staffing Assessment is unique to Kennedy Recruitment and typifies how we are more than just a Recruitment Agency. If you employ people within your company or organisation, now is your opportunity to talk to us about realising your hidden potential.